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Skin is a remarkable and complicated organ that we all take for granted. Sometimes, things can go wrong. There are hundreds of different types of skin conditions, your dermatologist is always the best source of expert information.

Eczema & Dermatitis

eczema and dermatitis are interchangeable words derived from old Greek and Latin they both basically mean the same thing: inflammation of the skin,

It's uncomfortable and irritating, but it's not life-threatening and it's not contagious. There is no miracle cure but it can be very effectively managed and often avoided. Eczema & Dermatitis affects about one in every five people at some time in their lives.

There are two main types of either Eczema or Dermatitis:

Atopic: This describes a chronic itchy skin condition very common in children and often associated with allergy problems such as hay fever or asthma.

Contact: This describes a skin condition provoked by contact with an irritant substance such as detergent, soap or even nickel. It can affect all age groups. It is the most common form of adult dermatitis or eczema.

On this site we focus mainly on dry, sensitive and reactive or allergic skin conditions where exederm ultra sensitive products can be of most help. a woman doctor stands with her arms crossed, smiling.
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