What is paraben?

This group of chemicals is used as preservatives in many cosmetics and toiletries. They have been around since the 1940‘s and are cheap and generally well tolerated. The reported sensitivity rate is up to 3.5% in the general population, although people with sensitive skin associated with eczema or dermatitis may be have higher sensitivity

There are 5 types of parabens commonly used:

Many products will have 2 or more of these chemicals as part of a preservative system.

Check the label of any of your existing products to see if they contain a parabens ingredient

Skin hypersensitivity – What the experts say:

“... traumatized or eczematized skin is more readily sensitized by Parabens ”
(Fisher A.A., The Parabens Paradox)

closeup of a woman's face. She looks upset and her skin is red and irritated.

Why exederm does NOT contain parabens

Generally well tolerated is not good enough for exederm why take risks if you have sensitive skin. We prefer to use a more modern and less irritant preservative system – even if it does cost more. We don‘t believe that parabens preservatives are the most suitable for sensitive or reactive skin.

exederm flare control cream is the only hydrocortisone cream available in the US without parabens

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